All standard cleanings include: kitchen wipe down counter tops thoroughly behind everything, load dishwasher, wipe surfaces, fridge surface,  polish stainless steel, degrease stove top and grills, mop all floors, dust base boards, light surface dusting, vacuum rugs

Bathrooms- toilet complete scrub and calcium/ lime buildup removal
Clean behind toilet, thorough wiping and sanitation of floors & surfaces
Complete scrub of tub and shower + whitening of shower tile grout where permitted (older tile may have limitations)

Scrub sink bowl & fixtures
Wipe vanity surfaces

Some wall/door wiping and touch mark removal

We are deep clean experts and we strive to get you your cleanest home possible. Don’t let the place your loved ones live in be a breeding ground for germs.


+Deep bathroom cleaning add $60/ bathroom
-Clean inside vanity mirror
-Clean inside vanity drawers & cabinets
– complete wall wipe down
-floor grout scrub

Deep kitchen cleaning
Includes standard cleaning plus
-Inside of Refrigerator cleaning +$30
-Oven cleaning +$30-$60 (please submit photos
-Wipe downs of walls +$30
-Under stove +$25
-Under refrigerator +$25

-window screen cleanings +$10 per screen. We will take screens out and give them a thorough clean with water and soap in your tub.


We know what standards your landlords & future tenants are expecting. Moving is stressful enough, just leave us your keys and we will take care of it.

Includes standard cleanings +
-wiping of insides of cabinets from bathrooms, closets & kitchen,
-Inside of refrigerator, Oven cleaning, under stove & refrigerator
– touch marks on walls/doors
– interior windows and sills

Need a DEEPER than deep clean that requires movement of furniture & appliances to get dirt trapped underneath and behind? We can send a team to your home to move all furniture and appliances around to get you the cleanest home possible.
+$40 per room

*** examples include-
kitchen- we will move your stove and fridge to get all the grime trapped underneath. You will never believe what is down there

Living room & bedrooms- we move your sofas, beds and other manageable furniture to get under and behind

Don’t see something you need on our menu? Inquire via email and submit photos.

Wood floor refinishing and exterior water pressure cleanings available for your home also. Prices TBD.