Deep Clean


All Deep Cleanings Include:

Thorough wipe down of counters- get behind things & back splash
Wipe exterior cabinets
Some wall marking wipe downs
Wipe down of appliances
Stovetop grill and burner degreasing & scrubbing
Sweep & mop
**Option- you can move your appliances such as Stove and refrigerator and we will be happy to clean behind and underneath.

Living Room and Bedrooms
Deep vacuuming- we will move light furniture to get behind and underneath it
Mopping of all floors
dust base boards
Some wall markings
Door handle markings
Interior windows & sills
Wipe down of all surfaces
Dusting of high fixtures and cobweb removal. (please provide a ladder)

Deep scrubbing of showers & tubs from top to bottom
Removal of rust and water stains where permitted. (Older tile may have limitations)
Bathroom wall wipe down
Light fixture cleaning
Removal of hard water buildup in toilets





Deep cleaning Add Ons

Includes standard cleaning plus

Wipe downs of walls

+$30 per room : Detail the additional room info after your order by mailing specific instruction to


+$40 per room : Detail the additional room info after your order by mailing specific instruction to

Make beds : Hotel style

+$15 per bed

Light to mild carpet cleaning

only $60 per room

Ceiling fan/fixture dusting & cob web removal

Exterior window cleanings

Cleaning of exterior windows. Please direct towards specific windows and info.

Window screen cleanings

+$15 per window, includes interior window wipe

1ST FLOOR ONLY, Cannot do high windows.
We remove your window screens and give them a scrub down with soap and water in your tub. Wipe down window borders & vacuum then put screen back on for you.

Wipe downs of walls

+$30 per room


Product Description

We strive for energy driven greatness and perfection. Whether you need a routine cleaning of your home, a thorough move out clean or need to prep your real estate sale

Our work is warranted. If you are not satisfied, we will come back to re do the work at no charge.

Routine cleanings- Maintain your entire home… we can do complete house at once, or work on specific areas with each appt. This way with the rotation, your home stays in tip top shape

WE ARE BIG ON CROSS CONTAMINATION AVOIDANCE.  Toilets are only cleaned with disposable supplies to ensure that we don’t bring germs into your home from somewhere else.  We use one fresh rag for your kitchen, and one fresh rag for your bathrooms.  We make sure to sterilize our tools after each job with hot water and clorox.

Need a DEEPER than deep clean that requires movement of furniture & appliances to get dirt trapped underneath and behind? We can send a team to your home to move all furniture and appliances around to get you the cleanest home possible.

We carry heavy and eco friendly cleaners- Method and Mrs. Meyers brands.

Don’t see something you need on our menu? Inquire via email and submit photos.

Additional information

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

1bedroom 1bath, 1bedroom 2bath, 2bedroom 1bath, 2bedroom 2bath, 3bedroom 2bath, 3bedroom 3bath, 4bedroom 2bath, 5bedroom 3bath, Common Areas Only