Why Us?

Count on honest quality from our amazing technicians.

Our cleaning technicians are highly trained to do more than just make your home appear clean – we actually sanitize and avoid cross contamination by using disposables that do not touch any other surfaces than what they were used for.  We have a specialized cleaning product for all surfaces of your home and not just a one-for-all solution.

Quality & perfection is what we strive for. Let us give your home the love it deserves.


With the experience of cleaning thousands of homes, we understand that each household is unique. We assign our technicians a home to clean and an over-estimated time limit. Unlike the styles of other cleaning companies, if we have time left over, we are happy to cover more chores around your home and not just the standard checklist, free of charge. We cater to all jobs needed in a home and offer deeper than deep cleaning- see our furniture re-arrangement add ons.


Our techs are paid a healthy wage for the detailed work that gets done to make sure your living space is clean of all bacteria and clutter. All of our people believe and exemplify the “Milan Experience”

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our work is guaranteed. If you are not happy or if we missed a spot, we will re-do that area at no charge.
We are backed by a $3,000,000 Insurance policy by Geico & all of our cleaning Techs have passed our background checks.

100% Satisfaction Guranteed